Work from my Concept Art Class at SCAD

5 months ago

Character, Environment and Prop Development for my Conceptual Illustration Class. Unfinished at this point, with a week to go.

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Master Study for my Conceptual Art class at SCAD. 

On top is the original Dead Space Artby Ryan Church, on the bottom is my study.

6 months ago

Storyboards for conceptual Illustration

7 months ago

Silhouettes for my Concept Art class at SCAD

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My Norn Character Pandorah

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The Stark Children

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Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen

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A little practice exercise I did… Face is a bit off, but I was focused more on sighting/proportions and value than little details. 

1 year ago
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Lana Del Ray
20 minute sketch in Photoshop

Lana Del Ray

20 minute sketch in Photoshop

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